Installing the software

A few steps are required to set up the software. But they should also be feasible for inexperienced computer users: -).

1. download and install Java Runtime Environment

Java runtime

2. download the SDCC archive, a 32 bit version is no longer available.  Create a folder named "SDCC" directly at C:\ and extract the archive to this folder  (use eg. Winrar for extracting) If you extract the files to a different path, you have to adapt the path information in the Start_Compiling.bat in the firmware folder of C#ROME-B, see next step.


3. download the Github repository and unpack it to the desired location, in the simplest case directly to C: \


Download from github

4. download and install ST Visual Development with the default settings. If the path to the file  "STVP_CmdLine.exe" is different from "C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\st_toolset\stvp", you have to edit the first line of the "Start_Compiling.bat" and the "WriteOptionBytes.bat" according to your path (rightclick on the .bat-file -->edit) . To download the software you have to enter an e-mail address, to which the download link will be sent. This has not caused any unwanted advertising mails/newsletters for me.


5. optional for brave people who want to add more features themselves: Download Eclipse for C++ Developers and unzip it to the desired location. There is no installer here, just double-click on eclipse.exe.

Eclipse for C++


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