Disclaimer: This is a hobby project, even if it may be looking some kind of professional!

In addition to the often used Kunteng sine wave controllers, an open firmware is under development. 

After the main developer casainho decided to stop his activies in this project, the fork of stancecoke will be maintained as the main path. It has basic functions for kingmeter J-LCD and LCD3 implemented, which also allows the use of the Lishui Bluetooth module and the corresponding Forerider app.

The extra android-app BluOsec is available as a beta release and can be downloaded from github. The description is available in german only at the moment.

Of course the origin projcect of casainho can still be found: origin fork, not longer maintained.

Various driving modes are supported, including the popular "torque simulation" mode and control via a torque sensor.

The documentation on the project can be found here: Bitbucket Homepage

This tutorial concentrates on the procedure for installing the required software as well as parameterizing and flashing the firmware under Windows.

The corresponding thread in the german Pedelecforum can be found here

A graphical tool is available, which allows the use of the firmware even for less experienced Windows users without programming knowledge.

Attention! The project is in development. In any case, use a quick fuse in the power supply to minimize the risk of destroying the controller, battery or motor!

Status 09/16/2018

What is working:
  • Sinewave driving with simplified FOC
  • Brakeswitch
  • emergency stopp at short circuit in motor
  • Ride modes
    1. Throttle
    2. Torquesensor with assistance linar to human power
    3. Torque-Simulation (fixed current steps with cadence dependent ramp)
  • Basic functions of KT-LCD3 / KT-LCD5 displays, Kingmeter J-LCD and Lishui BT-Module with forerider app   
  • Beta release of android app BluOsec
  • (Hidden?!) function for disabling the speedlimitation
  • Push assistance
What is not Working:
  • 6-Step commutation at start from standstill

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