1. Hardware tools flash firmware
    1. Open controller and solder programming header
  2. Tools build and flash firmware
    1. stm8-binutils-gdb
    2. How to erase and unlock protected read memory
  3. Firmware configuration tool


The firmware works on the BMSBattery S06S and S12S motor.

There are many available versions of this controllers if you search on Ebay or Aliexpress and they have some relevant differences that will make the firmware not working on them - it is strongly advised to use BMSBattery S06S and S12S motor controllers as the firmware was developed and tested on them.

BMSBattery sells the controllers, starting with S06S of 24/36V 15A (0.25kW, 6 mosfets) up to S12S of 72V 40A
(2.9kW, 12 mosfets).
This controllers are developed by Kuteng ( | There are available on the market in many different versions of Kuteng controllers, from 24V, 36V, 48V and 72V, with max currents of 70A (5kW, 24 mosfets).

Alternative sellers

If you want to risk and try use a different controller version, that may or may not work with this firmware, you can look at the following sources.

There are many online shops selling these controllers and you can find them when they are compatible with the LCD3 and LCD5:
images/1-1.png images/1-2.png

• On Ebay, you can find Kuteng controllers by searching for “KT EBike controller”.
• Seems that GreenEBikeKit also sells the same controllers under different name.
• Seems that PSWPower also sells KT controllers (Aliexpress). (18 mosfets 50A) (24 mosfets 70A)