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Smart BMS with bluetooth

LCD protocol

S-LCD to S12S controller communication protocol hacked

S-LCD to S12S controller communication protocol hacked
images/7-1.pngby obelix662000 ยป Wed Oct 14, 2015 11:42 pm
I've successfully decoded communication protocol between LCD3 display and S12S controller (both available at in both directions. Please see attached files. Attachments images/7-2.png S12SN_to_LCD3.txt from S12S to LCD (1.04 KiB) Downloaded 278 times images/7-3.png LCD3_to_S12SN-1.txt from LCD to S12S corr1 (2.65 KiB) Downloaded 131 times

Linked file: S12SN_to_LCD3.txt

Linked file: LCD3_to_S12SN-1.txt

flangefrog wrote:
Great work. When were the packets sent between the devices? Were they sent every 100ms or so, or for lcd to controller communication were they just sent when a button was pressed? Any special packets sent on start-up?
Continiously, about 10 times a second in both directions. Actually this is not important, everything works fine with any rate since LCD an S12s rememeber last state.


I have an S06S, the protocol is the same.
Regarding the S12SN to LCD3 communication protocol:
B2: is the controller voltage. I have a 24/36 V controller with a 36 V battery and B2 reads 36 in my case.
B6: B0 is not included in the CRC
B8: Value is 4x controller current instead of power. The display calculates the power from this value devided by 4 multiplied with the LCD supply voltage. So if B8 is 16 and the supply voltage is 30 V then the LCD shows (16/4)*30 = 120 W. If you supply the LCD with 40 V and the same value for B8 then the power shown is 160 W.