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  1. BMSBattery S06x
    1. LCD control panel
      1. LCD protocol
    2. S06S
      1. PWM signals
        1. very low speed - 6 steps
        2. low speed up to max speed - sineware
    3. S06P
      1. various info
        1. 01
        2. 02
  2. BMSBattery S12S
  3. BMSBattery bottle battery controller
  4. GreenEBikeKit
  5. Kunteng 18 mosfets

Datasheets and application notes

  1. STM8S105C6T6
    1. Interrupts
  2. Alternatives

Development tools

  1. STLinkV2 - Flash/program/debug hardware
  2. Flash and debug connector on S Series controller
  3. Debug OpenOCD and Eclipse
    1. stm8-binutils-gdb
  4. Flash programming
  5. C library
  6. Various resources
    1. Printf example

Motor control

  1. Motor control scheme of S06S controller
  2. BLDC 6 steps
  3. PWM schemes
    1. So, Which PWM Technique is Best? (Part 1)
    2. So, Which PWM Technique is Best? (Part 2)
    3. So, Which PWM Technique is Best? (Part 3)
    4. So, Which PWM Technique is Best? (Part 4)
    5. So, Which PWM Technique is Best? (Part 5)
    6. So, Which PWM Technique is Best? (Part 6)
    7. So, Which PWM Technique is Best? (Part 7)
  4. PWM control and Dead Time Insertion
  5. Low inductance motors
  6. Throttle Control Modes


  1. forum messages
    1. 2017.04.25 - Initial forum message
    2. 2017.05.08 - First flash and debug on a dev board
    3. 2017.05.18 - First code flashing and running
    4. 2017.05.20 - more new information
  2. How to unlock proteced read memory
  3. STM8S003 board
  4. LOG
    1. 2017.06.19 - SVM current waveforms


  1. 2017.05.22 - Hackaday Links: May 21, 2017

Smart BMS with bluetooth

About the project

I would like develop a OpenSource firmware for the EBike controllers. Why I am looking to this? because I want to use a well know controller that it is easy to repair/mod/adapt for my specific projects. I will develop the firmware for it, as OpenSource and I would like to share with others that have the same needs. My mission similar to the Tesla ( "to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport" and innovation on personal light electric vehicles.

The idea is to find a cheap and widely available EBike controller that can be programmable. I am developing (since 2 years ago) firmware for the controllers of electric unicyles and they use the microcontroller STM32F103, that is very cheap and popular - the board is also cheap and widely available on market, that comes from China. By the way, the hoverboards controllers use the same STM32F103 microcontroller.

For EBikes, seems a good candidate are the most recent BMSBattery S series controllers like S06S: ... e-kit.html
This controllers use the STM8S105C6T6 that is easy and cheap to develop for. There are OpenSource tools for it and on EBay we can find, for instance, development board with price as low as $3 (including shipping)!!

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